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Months pass, and I receive an I-797C (Notice of Action), simply detailing their receipt of my application, in Sept. I live in the same address for the next 1.5 years, and I receive absolutely nothing.

As I'm sure many are very aware of, visiting your local USCIS office or calling the Customer Service Number rears absolutely no new information, and they generally know about as much as you do.

citizenship at birth or you can derive citizenship from your parents after your birth but before the age of 18.

If you lose a citizenship document that was issued by USCIS or the former Immigration and Naturalization Service or your document has been stolen or damaged beyond repair, you may apply for a replacement certificate.

Lichen fungi belong to several different groups of fungi.

Most common (over 40%) are Ascomycetes, which produce spores in a sac-shaped container, the ascus.

Only a few types of alga occur within lichens; these algae also have their own names.

Algae may be sometimes the dominant partner in so-called 'jelly lichens', Collema and Leptogium, but this is rare.

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