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"So, you're a six-foot-two lawyer and went to Harvard?HUBBA HUBBA." Unless a man fleshes out his profile, my options are slim: inquire how his week is going, or ask a question so random, so out of left field, that it would only serve to establish me as a weirdo (which I totally am).

Young professionals are often too busy to go to singles clubs and bars (not to mention these venues aren't for everyone) and it's just easier to use an app like Tinder than whip up pickup lines.From what I can recall, worked by figuring out your potential mate based on interests and location.After I entered in a few pertinent details, I was immediately matched to several people in San Francisco, and they were listed from "most compatible" to least.Check out our video above and read on below for more. Yeah, the site with garish glitter GIFs and a "Top 8 friends" box was where I met my best friend ten years ago. It happened like this: Just hours after I had returned to my parents' house from celebrating my 22nd birthday over a few beers, I checked my PC (which was normally always left on downloading something) and noticed there was a message in my My Space inbox."You're hot," read the message. " I replied, adding: "Are you sure you've got the right person? We exchanged pleasantries and decided to ramp things up a bit: We took it to MSN Messenger.Matt Brian, Managing Editor, Engadget UKI always chuckle when someone asks me how I met my wife. Back then, my future wife was studying to be a nurse, so we would chat whenever she had a spare minute.

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