Is kenny wormald dating anyone

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And the dancers took us out to these underground spots that weren’t very popular but the music and the dancing in the culture at night, it was phenomenal.

I think the actual place itself and how beautiful it was.

So can you talk a bit about working with her especially in terms of the dance rehearsals and also creating the dynamic or chemistry between her character and yours? Cassie is awesome, I was well aware of her prior to this project, she was part of the reason why I was down to this project because you want to make sure your co-star is someone who excites you and I taught a dance class to her song in like 2007.

But ya, she was already in Cape Town when I arrived, so she had already been there for I think like two or three weeks, so when I got this, she knew everyone, she knew where to go, so it was immediately like having a friend, when you go to such far away places, it’s nice to have someone else there who’s going through the same things you’re going through, so it was really cool to have her there.

What I took away from it the most is I kinda fell in love with dance again and it’s because these dancers.

But ya, I definitely love all dance movies and I was just excited to be a part of not only a cool script but also just a franchise like ‘Honey’ because everyone already knows it." Rama's Screen: Obviously you are a talented dancer, no doubt. So coming into this project, was the dancing part sort of easy for you or did it come with its own set of challenges?The dancers they hired for this film, they’re all from South Africa and they all just blew me away.And they could do the dance styles that we do here but they have a ton of other styles, and they’re influenced into this fusion of movement that they do down there and it’s literally incredible." Rama's Screen: To me, Cassie Ventura is one of earth's most beautiful woman, she's just absolutely gorgeous.I knew she was beautiful, I knew she was talented, but I didn’t know how nice she was, I didn’t know how cool she was.She’s from a part of the country close to where I’m from.

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