Telugu sex chat two girls

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I think they thought they were in real trouble until they realized Mom and Dad was standing there, both naked, and Dad had a huge hardon with pre-cum oozing from it.

I told them " you do know there will be punishment for what we just saw going on." A look of despair came over all their faces.

The Kids were so engrossed in what they were doing they didn't even hear us come in or notice us at the doorway watching. We have bestiality movies, but this was different, watching our own Daughters and their Stepbrother.

We went to the bedroom, got undressed, my wife grabbing the camcorder. My, Wife, Nancy, started filming, while I started licking her now dripping cunt.

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next was " AAAAAAAAAAAAAAHHHHHHHH, FUCK YEA, SUCK EVERY FUCKING DROP, BITCH." With that he let loose his hot sticky load of cum down his Sister's throat, pulling out once to shoot on her face then finishing in her mouth.

My wife had at least two orgasms while I licked her cunt during the show, so I wasn't sure how the movie we made would turn out, but later we watched and except for a liitle shaking it was great.

Now the kids, aware of their surroundings, were surprised by us standing there.

The girls were now locked in a passionate kiss each sucking the cum from each others mouth.

Now it was very HARD for me not to jack off while all this was going on, but I managed to refrain, as I had other ideas.

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